Profile of a Graduate of St. Bartholomew Academy

Graduates of St. Bartholomew Academy, as a result of a quality education in a faith-based environment, will strive academically, build character, and achieve their goals.


Upon being offered the opportunity of growing in faith, of accepting its values, and of living the principle of truth, charity, and Christian hope, our graduates will:

  • Use prayer in their daily lives and participate in the sacraments
  • Exhibit knowledge of Catholic beliefs, scripture, and social justice teachings
  • Consider Christian values during the decision making process
  • Nurture their personal relationship with God by participating in youth ministries
  • Know and understand Catholic teaching and be an active participant in his/her religious group if they are not Catholic
  • Commit willingly to helping those in need and making a positive difference in the world


Through an intellectual and creative atmosphere for academic achievement and being encouraged to strive for their maximum academic potential, our graduates will:

  • Possess the skills to be academically competitive and reach their maximum potential
  • Demonstrate a readiness to perform independently
  • Exhibit a capacity for critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving
  • Effectively communicate in spoken word and written form
  • Collaborate effectively in a technologically-infused environment


Through being guided toward the Christian values necessary for responsible and generous stewardship to the Church and community, our graduates will:

  • Promote community spirit, service, pride, and patriotism
  • Encourage and lead others to work for the common good
  • Act as a steward of God’s creation and demonstrate environmental responsibility
  • Display an awareness of moral and ethical treatment of others
  • Appreciate, accept, and respect diversity
  • Aid others in accordance with Gospel values.
 Life Skills

Through being provided the means to develop self-esteem, considering themselves and others as individuals with God-given gifts, our graduates will:

  • Act as stewards of God, with good judgment, encouraging and empowering others
  • Set a positive example and serves as a role model for others
  • Display a social conscience through a commitment to protecting the environment
  • Be an effective communicator
  • Exhibit integrity, honesty, confidence, compassion, tolerance, kindness, humility, responsibility, patience, citizenship, perseverance,     and good manners
  • Demonstrate self discipline, dependability and commitment
  • Appreciate diversity and individual differences
  • Take pride in personal appearance, family, and school
  • Develop leadership skills in order to become confident, independent, and positive role models