Our Mission

St. Bartholomew Academy is dedicated to offering students the opportunity of growing in the faith, of accepting its values, and of living the principles of truth, charity, and Christian hope. In this environment, students are encouraged to strive for their maximum academic potential and spiritual growth.

The administrators and faculty, with the cooperation of parents, seek to educate the students towards a Christian vision of the human person, the world, and learning. This will lead them to live as responsible and participating citizens in a democratic society.

Guided by these principles, St. Bartholomew Academy aims to:

  • Provide the means for students to develop self-esteem, considering themselves and others as individuals with God-given gifts.
  • Foster an intellectual and creative atmosphere for academic achievement guided by Gospel values.
  • Encourage an appreciation for creative and original thought as a part of the aesthetic experience in the education of the whole child.
  • Guide the students toward Christian values necessary for responsible and generous stewardship to the Church and the community.

In keeping with this mission, students of St. Bartholomew Academy (SBA) are encouraged to: 
          Strive academically 
          Build character 
          Achieve their goals