Lunch Program

This year your child’s lunch program will be serviced by “CHASE FOOD SERVICE," Alice Priore, Proprieter.  Alice's goal is to provide a healthy and simple lunch for your children. St. Bartholomew Academy will now offer a salad bar option, as well as new lunch choices. We will continue using the lunch card system used in prior years.  

Alice is happy to welcome Michelle Geisor to the “CHASE FOOD SERVICE” team to serve our children a healthy homemade-style lunch. This year the lunch menu will include Pizzeria pizza,calzones and pepperoni pizza sticks made fresh. An extra slice of pizza will be an additional $2.00 and offered after all lunches have been served (exact purchase amount, please). 

This year to have a smooth transition, we would like to have your first order for your child’s lunch card by Friday, September 9th. The lunch price is $3.75 CASH OR CHECK TO “CHASE FOOD SERVICE."  Please order a Minimum of 5 lunches. You will be notified when your child is down to 3 lunches. Please note that the menu is subject to change due to inclement weather. Alice is looking forward to a healthy and happy year!

Due to low count on the salad bar, we are going to take a break starting in February.  We will offer a crispy chicken garden salad as a Swap Out.  We will revisit the salad bar option in the spring.  Thank you.

June 2017 Menu
June 2017 Parent Order Guide

Lunch Card Order Form


St Bartholomew Academy does not participate in the Federal milk program.  Children are able to purchase milk daily from the Chase Food Service's al la carte menu.