Home-School Association


The Home-School Association (HSA) consists of the Pastors, the Principal, faculty, fathers, mothers, and guardians of the pupils of St. Bartholomew Academy, and any other person interested in Catholic education.  All parents and guardians are expected to become active participants.  The Home School Association is an organization dedicated to promoting home and school religious and educational experiences that complement, reinforce and extend each other so that each child has the best possible opportunities for living his/her personal commitment to the Catholic faith.


The objectives of the Home-School Association are:

  • To help to reinforce the religious education of the children in the home
  • To provide parents the opportunity to become fully informed of the content and style of the School’s education program
  • To foster frequent and positive parent-teacher-child interaction as it affects the religious and general education of the children
  • To support the school through interest, special events and fund-raising activities, and to join the Home School Association and attend the three scheduled General Meetings.

To contact the Home-School Association, send an email to  sbahsa@stbacademy.org

2017- 2018 Executive Officers


Jeanette Gribbin                                                                      
Kidmail:  c/o Tyler, Grade 4                                                   
Email:  njgribbins@gmail.com                                               

Vice President
Lisa Byrne
Kidmail:  c/o Jack, Grade 5
Email:  lisabyrne1015@gmail.com

Kelly Kroeger
Kidmail:  c/o Kylie, Grade 2
Email:  kellykroeger@me.com

Nicole Reagan                                                                        
Kidmail:  c/o Jimmy, Grade 4                                                
Email:  nreagan@hotmail.com      

2017- 2018 Grade Chairpersons

2017- 2018 Committee Chairpersons