St. Bartholomew Academy is located at 2032 Westfield Avenue in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. The school complex is situated on a 6-acre campus that includes St. Bartholomew the Apostle Church and school building, the Filippini sister's convent, a rectory building, a playground, a playscape, ball field, and parking lots.

The school building contains 20 classrooms, including an art room, a computer lab, science lab, music room, library/media center and meeting room. The Early Childhood wing contains the classrooms for the Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade. The Kindergarten classroom is divided into instructional areas and areas for play and socialization. The 1st and 2nd grade classrooms are designed for self-contained instruction. The elementary school wing consists of the classrooms for the 3rd through 5th grade which are designed for self-contained instruction. The middle school wing contains the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classrooms. Instruction is departmentalized in the middle school. Students change classrooms within the wing and receive daily instruction from subject area specialists in Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

The use of technology as an instructional tool and equipping our students to be skilled in the use of technology are goals of the Academy. As a result, the Academy has made a significant commitment to enhancing the technology options for faculty and student use. All classrooms are equipped with SmartBoards, laptops and projection systems for presentation and educational use. Classrooms also are equipped with access to SMART Response Systems - student response systems ("clickers") that allow teachers to quickly assess student understanding and learning. In 2013, the Academy implemented a 1 to 1 Google Chromebook program for its middle school students. (See Technology for more details.) The early childhood and elementary classrooms are equipped with laptop computers for center-based work or differentiated instruction.

A fully equipped main computer lab that contains 26 desktop computers (Windows 8) with high-speed Internet connection is available for student use. Weekly computer classes are held in the computer lab for all students in grades Kindergarten through eighth. A mobile laptop cart or, C.O.W. (Computer Lab on Wheels) with 15 laptops can be transported from the lab to any classroom in the building for instructional use.

The St. Bartholomew Library/Media Center utilizes a computerized card catalog and electronic scanning, as well as, computers for library research. The school has a science lab with in-lab laptop computers for additional technology-based science education. A television with a DVD/VCR combination is provided in every homeroom. (For more information about the Academy’s commitment to utilizing technology’s potential, see the “Technology” tab in "Academics".)

A FOCUS room is provided by Union County Educational Services for supplemental instruction. The FOCUS room is staffed by a full-time teacher and contains a SMART Board, desktop computers, and iPads. A full-time Basic Skills teacher and a part-time Speech Therapist have a dedicated classroom for these services.

The school gym has a regulation-size basketball court with electronic scoreboard and also a large stage for performances and assemblies. A large lunchroom is provided for the students. The building’s kitchen was renovated in 2013 and is used to prepare hot lunches for our students everyday. There is an off-street parking lot for student drop-off and pick-up.

An administrative wing contains the principal’s office and conference room, school office, and nurse’s suite. Full time health services are provided by a nurse contracted by Union County Education Services and a nurse contracted by St. Bartholomew Academy.