1.   Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What does it mean to send my child to a Catholic school?

 In February, 2014, Pope Francis stated:

Effectively, Catholic schools and universities are attended by many students who are not Christian or do not believe. Catholic educational institutions offer to all an approach to education that has as its aim the full development of the person, which responds to the right of every person to access to knowledge. However, they are also called upon to offer, with full respect for the freedom of each person and using the methods appropriate to the scholastic environment, the Christian belief, that is, to present Jesus Christ as the meaning of life, the cosmos and history. Jesus began to proclaim the good news of the 'Galilee of the people', a crossroads of people, diverse in terms of race, culture and religion. This context resembles today's world, in certain respects. The profound changes that have led to the ever wider diffusion of multicultural societies require those who work in the school or university sector to be involved in educational itineraries involving comparison and dialogue, with a courageous and innovative fidelity that enables Catholic identity to encounter the various 'souls' of multicultural society.

 At St. Bartholomew Academy, your child will enjoy a safe, faith-based environment where the faculty and staff are committed    to offering students the opportunity of growing in the faith, of accepting its values, and of living the principle of truth, charity, and Christian hope.  In this environment, students are encouraged to strive for their maximum academic potential and spiritual growth.

The SBA community is committed to the success of the school and the advancement of its students and each member is encouraged to volunteer their time, talent, and treasure to that end.  Get involved in the many volunteer opportunities available that help our school run smoothly and successfully, attend regular Home-School Association meetings and events, read to your child’s class, or volunteer during lunchtime.  Your participation in events at SBA shows your child(ren) that their education is important and what it means to be a part of a community.

 2.      How can I get involved?

All volunteers at SBA need to attend the “Protecting God’s Children” workshop and submit to a background check.  The workshop is provided at SBA in the beginning of the school year and at various times throughout the year.  Information regarding St. Bartholomew Academy’s Safe Environment program is available from our Safe Environment Director at stbartpgc@gmail.com.

Communications from the Home School Association are sent via kid-mail (see below) and via the Honeywell Instant Alert System to announce upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.  Also see the Families page for community Events.

 3.      What if my child is absent from school?

 If your child will be absent, please call the school office before 8:00 AM at 908-322-4265.  If your child is absent for more than 5 days in a row, a doctor’s note is required upon their return to school.

4.      What if my child is going home with another person?

 A note to your child’s teacher should be sent as soon as possible.  If it is too late for a note, you must contact the school office at 908-322-4265.

5.      What is a “Tag Day”?

A tag day is a special day on which, for $1.00, your child does not have to wear their school uniform.  Tag Days are typically held on holidays and the money is sent to the missions or to a specified charity.

6.      What is “kid-mail”?

Kid-mail is the ability to send communications to teachers, the school office, or other families via an intra-academy mail system.  Send your communication with your child in an enveloped addressed to the respective person.  If sending to another family, address it to the person c/o the child and the child’s grade.

7.      What is “First Friday”?

 On the first Friday of each month, all of the students attend 8:30 AM Mass, enjoy a pretzel sale, and are dismissed from school at Noon.

 8.       Is there an after-care or before-care program at SBA?

 Yes, see the Families page for information on Extended Care programs.

 9.       Is there a hot lunch program at SBA?

 Yes, see the Families page for information about the SBA Lunch Program.